FEAR (and Paradox)

The Hydra Alliance is pleased to announce our partnership with the guild Paradox. Paradox is a casual raiding guild made up of competent and friendly players who are partnering with Hydra to allow us to do things which we did not have the ability to do previously.

On January 25, 2017 we invaded the Plane of Fear.  The break in happened flawlessly, and was a complete success.  We had very few deaths over all, and got some decent drops.  Unfortunately, the named were not up, nor were the golems.  However, this shows that we have the force to go do these types of raids, and the alliance and Paradox got used to working together in a casual and fun environment.

Thanks to everyone who came along and had fun with us!

Holiday Party – Thank you all!

On Thursday, December 22 the Blackheart Pirates threw their Holiday Party in the Arena at Lake Rathe.  A number of Pirates, Homeland Security, and SOTS joined us in the festivities.  There was a more than adequate supply of booze, thoughtfully supplied by Bowand, there were door prizes, drunken racing, and drunken dueling.  A good time was had by everyone at the party.  The party started late, like all good BHP parties tend to, and lasted until about 10:30 Central.

The year 2016 has been a great year for the Hydra Alliance.  We end the year with three guild, and our newest member, SOTS, has been a great addition to the alliance.  We were sad to see Kittens leave us, but with SOTS coming to us, with Homeland Security and Pirates increasing their members and numbers, we will continue to meet and exceed the high standards that we have had in the past.

Best withes to all for a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  May it be filled with the company of friends and family, and most of all, Plunder!

News to Date

Hydra Alliance has been busy!  We have been to Chardok, we continue to raid sky, and we have been to Hate.  While we have had some great turn out, we continue to lack sometimes in numbers.  Its important for us to be able to return to bigger and better raids for us to get numbers, both in the attendance at raids, but in the level 55 plus members.

In order for us to do Temple of Veeshan, we need to have a core group of level 55 or above, with at least 18 people who show up on a regular basis.  If we don’t have this, we really can’t do this and end up with some of the highest end armor in the game.

What can you do to help?  Recruit your friends!  Work hard to level and get resist gear so you can help with raiding.  We hope to see all of you soon on our raids!

A Great Week for Hydra!

On November 2, 2016 the Hydra Alliance ventured into the depths of Dragon Necropolis. While there, we killed lots of the rats, and were rewarded with some nice items, some gems, and a few other goodies to sell for the alliance bank.  This will help fund the alliance as we go to hate, to sky, and enhance our members and the fun we can have together!  Thanks everyone who came out and had some fun raising money for the alliance!

The SKY is the LIMIT! – (Sky Raid on 29 October 16)

The members of the Hydra Alliance ported up to Plane of Sky on October 29.  The raid was a success in that those who completed the raid earned 6 Raid Attendance Points.  Unfortunately, the drops were not very spectacular, but the guilds all worked together well, recovered from a couple of near wipes, and were able to corpse keys at the end.  Hydra will next be in Sky on November 5, at 8:00 PM Central!

Hydra Alliance Raids Hate!

They Hydra Alliance raided Hate on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.  This was a very successful raid, and we were joined by our newest allies, SOTS! The alliance was not able to take down Innorruk, as he was not available, but we killed some mini-bosses, and everyone had a great time.  Look back to this newsletter for more information about the alliance as we go forward together!