Holiday Party – Thank you all!

On Thursday, December 22 the Blackheart Pirates threw their Holiday Party in the Arena at Lake Rathe.  A number of Pirates, Homeland Security, and SOTS joined us in the festivities.  There was a more than adequate supply of booze, thoughtfully supplied by Bowand, there were door prizes, drunken racing, and drunken dueling.  A good time was had by everyone at the party.  The party started late, like all good BHP parties tend to, and lasted until about 10:30 Central.

The year 2016 has been a great year for the Hydra Alliance.  We end the year with three guild, and our newest member, SOTS, has been a great addition to the alliance.  We were sad to see Kittens leave us, but with SOTS coming to us, with Homeland Security and Pirates increasing their members and numbers, we will continue to meet and exceed the high standards that we have had in the past.

Best withes to all for a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  May it be filled with the company of friends and family, and most of all, Plunder!

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